Saturday, February 27, 2016

Treats for Dog Training

Dog Training Treats

Your dog may eat almost anything, but it's important to optimize your dog training efforts with the most effective treat for your dog. It's important for you to figure out what type of treat is most valuable to your dog. After you've determined this, these high value treats will only be used during training.

My first tip is always to try and stick with the healthiest treats. It's usually a good indication that the treat is healthy if it contains natural ingredients, and few of them at that. Next, you want to ensure the dog treat you've selected has a strong odour. While training your dog to understand new behaviours with a food reward, it's helpful to have a scent that's easy for your dog to follow with their nose.

Don't go with large dog treats. You want to keep your dog wanting more, so the smaller the treat, the better. Your dog will be more engaged based on frequency, rather than quantity. If necessary, buy larger treats and then prepare them prior to your dog training session by cutting them into smaller pieces.

Some optimal treats include small cubed pieces of meat, cheese, and store bought dog training treats such as Zuke's or Rollover. Another option may be treating with licks of a frozen treat inside of a kong, or the store bought Lickity Stick. Again, remember that the important part is to be using a treat that your dog considers high value, and this may take some trial and error.

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